My method

Step 1

We lay solid foundations with strong branding and a deep understanding of your target audience

Step 2

We develop a 5-point Marketing Strategy using my own custom framework, The Marketing Cycle

Step 3

We identify and analyse key data that will allow you to measure your success without the stress.


Looking to level up your business in 2020?

I am a Marketing Consultant and Strategist in Folkestone, Kent, who is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes – from kitchen table start-ups to multimillion pound operations – develop creative Marketing & Brand Strategy that really works.

From social media to Search Engine Optimisation, branding to PR, I believe in an holistic approach to marketing that truly works towards your business goals.

I help businesses in Folkestone become brands, ensuring your customers receive a strong and consistent message from the first time they hear about your business until the moment they leave their first 5 star review.

Customers are demanding more from brands; they want sustainability, they want diversity, they want transparency, they want new technology. And the brands willing to adapt to these changing times will be the ones that thrive.

I pride myself on ensure I’m on the cutting edge of market trends and digital tech, and can help even the smallest business adapt to significant shifts, from reducing plastic waste to body positivity; from the rise of voice search tech to augmented reality.

For more information on how I could help grow your brand in Folkestone, please visit my services page, or email


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