1:1 Coaching


2020: bye, bitch! It’s 2021’s time to shine, and despite a rough start I’m super excited to help make this your year. 

And this year, because I’m going on Maternity Leave in March, I’m giving FREE follow up sessions to anyone who books my EDGE: One Year Growth Plan package. See below for more details! 

My 1:1 coaching clients receive the very best of my creativity, insight and years of experience in the marketing and communications industries. 

Together, we will create a simple, straightforward plan of action to grow your business within twelve months, and work towards achieving all your hopes and dreams for your business. 

I use my expertise in current tech, cultural and market trends to futureproof your brand, and leave you with a framework you can build on year after year. We cover everything from brand colours to target audience, social media content to SEO, customer personas to customer feedback.

Within twelve months, my 1:1 clients have been able to turn their side-hustles in to full-time careers, moved to bigger shop premises and been featured in national and international publications. But, more importantly to me:

100% of my clients Strongly Agree they feel more confident running their business

100% of my clients Strongly Agree their business has more focus

“I launched my business at the end of last summer, and — despite a worldwide pandemic meaning income losses and increased costs — I’m still on track to smash my year one targets.” Jane Bradley, Founder of For Books’ Sake and Rebel Therapy

Best For: Side Hustles Looking to Get Serious, New Businesses Looking to Go Big or Go Home.

What’s Included: We have a 1-2 hour Zoom chat where I get to know your business inside out, then I create a personalised, One Year Growth Plan that is simple, straightforward and plays to your strengths.

Results: You go away feeling excited, focused and prepared to level up your business.

Additional Freebie: After 4-6 weeks, we have another Zoom chat to check in, analyse progress, make sure you’re feeling confident and motivated and keep your business on track!

Payment plans available.

Please email hello@crbrandcoach.co.uk for more info or for a no-pressure chat. 

Let’s build your community, grow your income and take your business to the next level.