How to start using video marketing for your small business without showing your face

I did a poll recently asking what was holding small business owners back from accessing business coaching services. And something that really surprised me was that I had several people say that they felt a coach would just tell them to do video marketing, and they didn’t have the confidence to show themselves talking to camera.  

Now yes, as a coach I am absolutely going to tell you to video marketing, as part of your wider on and offline strategy. But video marketing doesn’t necessarily mean just face-to-camera talking. I do think one of the best ways to get people to buy in to your brand and really trust and love it is to show the person or people or family behind the logo. I really do believe it that, but… it’s not the only way to do video. If you’re not ready for that right now, there’s plenty of other ways you can implement this ridiculously effective format in to your strategy.


I just want to explain briefly why video works so well. Firstly, we’re kind of lazy. And we have a very short attention span these days. So video provides maximum reward for minimum effort, it makes information easy to digest and enjoyable to consume. It’s a hot, crusty slice of toast and you get to decide on your toppings. Whether it’s for education or entertainment, we’re watching around a billion hours of YouTube videos per day so clearly, we as humans are really, really in to video.

But video also really appeals to social media and search engine algorithms. At the moment, one of the most influential factors on whether Google or Instagram or Pinterest will put your content in front of more and more people is time. The social media algorithms want people to spend as much time as possible engaging with your content, because the longer people are on the platform, the more advertising revenue they’ll get. Likewise for the search engines, if you spend a long time on a page that has appears in their search results, they’re going to glean that the website must have been really relevant to your search and be full of loads of useful or engaging content, so they’re going to send more people there.

So time is critical, and video is a great way of getting people to spend more time viewing your content. And obviously, the more time people spend looking at your content the better it is for your business anyway, providing that content is really selling your business, your expertise, your products, your vibe.

So now that we understand the importance of video, I’m going to give you a few examples of how you can produce video that doesn’t require you to talk to camera (yet: we will get you there because you are your brand and people want to get to know you, but that’s a project for another day!)


Using a series of photos and graphic design slides is a great way of dipping your toe in to video marketing. You can use really simple apps like Canva to create some graphics with your logo, website and any information you want to get across on them, and then intersperse with photos showcasing perhaps your seasonal products, a recent event, a tour of your store, customers photos of your products in use, etc. Add some music and share away!

If you’re completely new to video editing, this is a good way of getting to grips with which video editing software / apps you are most comfortable with, and whether you prefer editing on a laptop, or a tablet or your phone. There are so many apps to choose from but I’d start looking at iMovie, Windows Video Editor, Go Pro Quik or Go Pro Studio, or on iPhone I might go for MoShow or Filmm but there are hundreds to choose from.


There are several ways you can get the written word across creatively; you can write facts, data, quotes or tips and tricks on pegboards, lightboxes, whiteboards, etc, and then use your preferred app to animate them in to a video with some cute music. You can either do this as a series of photos (as above) or just take a few seconds of video footage (long enough for it to be read!), which I’d personally recommend as I will give the video more movement and make it more engaging.

89% of social video is viewed with the audio off anyway, so making videos that get the message across with text and captions is going to be very effective.  Bonus points if you put yourself in the video holding the message board! You can do it!


Searches for “how to” video are growing year on year, especially on YouTube, so tutorials should be an integral part of your video marketing strategy anyway. It might be relevant for you to create an assembly or instructional video, to demonstrate a particular craft technique, to showcase a new recipe, to show different ways to style your product, whatever is appropriate for your business.

You can narrate video (remembering to caption as well for people watching with the audio off), which will be really good practice for you talking on camera, and obviously you might need to get your hands in shot to do the tutorial. If your product needs a full body shot to demonstrate and you’re not comfortable doing it, enlist the help of a friend or family member to model for you!


Short and sweet: Videos of 60 seconds or less tend to perform better on social media, but it varies depending the platform, the content and your audience. Remember to get your brand name and the point of the video in to the first 6 seconds of the video, so people know why they should keep watching.

Lighting: Natural lighting is the key to making any photography of video look professional. If you can’t shoot outside, shoot near a window, ideally with the camera in between the light source and your subject. If your lighting is too harsh, either buy a reflector to balance it out on the opposite side or scrunch some tin foil around a chopping board (a technique I learnt as a photography student at uni!)

Stability: Using a tripod or at the very least putting your camera on a stable surface is key to getting a sharp and professional video. You can shoot great video with a smart phone as long as you have good natural lighting and a tripod. If you want to shoot overhead video like the iconic Tasty videos seen above, you can get tripod extensions that will help you with that.

If you want to hear more from me about video marketing, I can often be found wanging on about this kind of thing on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, or you can find out more info here about whether my 1:1 Small Business Coaching or Online Course “The Complete Guide to Building an Awesome Brand & Marketing the Sh*t Out Of It” might be right for you.