Join Me For #WomenSupportingWomenMonth

I am thrilled to announce that during the month of August I will be running #WomenSupportingWomenMonth on my Instagram page (@cariadrosebrandcoach).

#WomenSupportingWomenMonth will feature 28 daily prompts that encourage you to champion women bloggers, creatives, writers, artists, influencers, crafters, foodies and any other women who bring inspiration and education to your life via your social media feed.

I have designed the prompts so that they assist women content creators and business owners in a variety of ways, including:

  • Helping with social media and search engine algorithms by engaging with their content in the right way
  • Growing their brand and reputation with potential customers or collaborators by sharing our positive experiences
  • Giving them a boost by letting them know we love and appreciate their work!

In addition to daily prompts, there will also be four weekly giveaways* from some my favourite women-led creative brands, including the wonderful Milk and Moon, whose “Women Supporting Women” range inspired this entire project. I will also be giving away a “Women Supporting Women” Milk and Moon pin to the person who has done the best championing each week.

There are just three rules for #WomenSupportingWomenMonth:

  1. Be kind
  2. Don’t fuck with the algorithm
  3. Amplify marginalised voices

So the first rule is pretty self-explanatory. This is a community-building exercise and kindness is a top priority. The second rule basically means; don’t engage with content that isn’t aimed at you, or the algorithm will get spun out. It will start showing content to people who aren’t the target audience, which would be extremely unhelpful to the creators. Just act natural, and only click that like button if you are really feelin’ it!

And thirdly, I would like us all to take the opportunity to actively seek out and promote content from marginalised women. Women from BAME backgrounds, women who identify as LGBTQ+, disabled women, plus size women, women who are immigrants and sex-workers and single mothers and generally just making sure we are doing our very best to support all women.  

So, the party starts on Monday 5th August, come on down to champion your favourite women creators, and don’t forget to tag me @cariadrosebrandcoach in all your #WomenSupportingWomenMonth chat on all platforms!

*All prizes were purchased by me, no women creators were expected to donate prizes in return for exposure, that would be the opposite of the vibe of this project.

If you are a women-led business and you want help growing your brand, check out my Small Business Coaching options!