About Cariad


Hi, I’m Cariad. I’m a Brand Strategist and complete nerd when it comes to all things brand, pop culture and tech.

I live in Folkestone, Kent, and when I’m not researching the latest pop culture news or delivering strategy, I’m usually found cooking a huge mac n cheese for friends, or taking off on family adventures with my partner and three-year-old.

I have a First Class Honours Degree in Photography and Creative Writing, and I worked in live TV for seven years before the long hours and rampant misogyny wore me down. After that I took a role in the Marketing department of a housing developer and really found my passion for honest, simple and creative brand strategy.

In 2017, while heavily pregnant, I completed my Leadership and Digital Disruption certification developed by Google, and in 2018 officially launched my own strategy business, Cariad Rose Brand Coach. I wanted to offer an alternative to marketing advice that was hyper-focused on likes and shares.

I love nothing more than helping small businesses level up by empowering them with the tools, knowledge and confidence for growth in the digital age!

But while my expertise has grown, so has my discomfort with some of the practices of my industry. I felt I could no longer ignore the growing cost of the attention economy, of data misuse, of the growing wealth gap as the tech giants grew their billionaire status.  

And so in 2020, I began my postgraduate study in Brands, Communication and Culture, to examine what the future looks like if we embrace ethical business and economic strategy.

It will be a lifelong process of learning and adapting to new tech, market trends and cultural shifts, but if working with so many badass, values-driven small businesses has taught me anything, it’s that brands absolutely can be a force for good. 

“Branding is the profound manifestation of the human spirit. The condition of branding has always reflected the condition of our culture. It is our responsibility to continue to leverage the democratic power branding provides, and it is our responsibility to design a culture that reflects and honours the kind of world we want to live in.” Debbie Millman, 2019