Futureproof, creative marketing strategy

I am an expert in developing futureproof and creative marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes, that are on the cutting edge of market trends and digital technology.

I have my own custom framework – the Marketing Cycle – which is exclusive to my coaching, and tracks every touchpoint between your brand and the customer, from the moment they first hear about your brand until the minute they leave their first five-star review.


My Marketing Strategy is developed in three stages.

  • Step 1: We lay solid foundations for your business with strong branding and a deep understanding of your target customer
  • Step 2:  We develop a 5-point Marketing Strategy using my own custom framework, The Marketing Cycle
  • Step 3: We form a plan to measure your success by identifying and analysing key data

I have developed Marketing Strategy from all sizes of business, from kitchen table start ups to multimillion pound operations, so more information on how I could help grow your brand, please email hello@crbrandcoach.emsstaging.xyz

100% of my clients Strongly Agree their business now has more focus and runs more efficiently.


Drop me a note to see how I can help.