Small Business Coaching in Kent


Are you sick of taking advice from business coaches whose own obnoxious marketing gives you the ick?

I have thrown out all the rule books and used my years of experience in media and marketing industries to create my own framework that is simple, honest, fun and plays to your strengths.

I don’t believe in sales funnels, marketing jargon or the hard sell. 

We don’t want to trick your customers in to buying from you, we want them to love your brand so much that they want to buy from you!

If you want to build a successful, profitable brand without the ick, check out my brand new 1:1 Coaching Menu, or my 2020 Group Coaching Programme, Glow.

Plus, all my coaching clients get non-optional lifelong membership to the club where I am your biggest advocate and cheerleader. I hope you like lots of *fire* emojis on your Insta selfies.

Please note: I do not separate my work from my politics: diversity, inclusivity and activism are incredibly important to me. I only work with brands that are committed to working towards a positive impact for their customers, community and the planet.

100% of my clients agree they would return to CRBC in the future

100% of my clients would recommend CRBC to a friend

“I launched my business at the end of last summer, and — despite a worldwide pandemic meaning income losses and increased costs — I’m still on track to smash my year one targets.”
Jane Bradley, Rebel Therapy