Speaking + Training


I love nothing more than bringing my insight, analysis and opinion to panels, conferences, workshops and training sessions. I am an expert in current marketing, tech and pop culture trends, and excel at futureproofing businesses by embracing the ever-changing needs and wants of customers.

During these unique times, I am available for Zoom sessions based on your individual needs, or you can book my signature “Everything is Marketing” session outlined below. 


So many businesses fall in to the trap of focusing all their time, energy and resources on so-called “Awareness Marketing.” But in 2020, people hate the hard sell, and word-of-mouth recommendation is becoming even more influential than it was already.

So we’ve got to rethink our strategy, throw out the out-dated Sales Funnel, and stop thinking of Marketing as something that ends once customers have clicked “Buy.”

This 30-minute talk covers my own personal marketing framework, The Marketing Cycle, which is loosely based on the Customer Life Cycle, and is designed to ensure that at every stage, your customer is receiving a deliberate and consistent message about your brand. From the first time a customer hears about your brand, to the moment they leave their first five-star review.

The Marketing Cycle turns your followers in to customers, and your customers in to brand advocates.

This talk can be delivered either within the Sales & Marketing Department or, ideally, company-wide, to encourage every member of staff to recognise their vital role in driving the business forward.

There is also the option for a 30-minute group workshop afterwards, to generate fresh ideas for the brand going forward and to further encourage all employees to feel included in the process.

For more information, please email hello@crbrandcoach.co.uk