The Content Planners Club

Tired of sitting in front of a screen wondering WTF to post? #JoinTheClub

The Content Planners Club is a quarterly live planning session designed to help you plan your social media content for the next three months.

Are you sick of:

  • Your brain going blank every time you try to think of something to post on social media?
  • Having no time to post because you’re too busy running your business?
  • Showing up inconsistently, and being penalised by the algorithm?
  • Feeling guilty that your grid / Facebook page has been radio silence for months?
  • Working your arse off on posts that just get a tumbleweed response?

Then join us on Zoom for an evening of inspiration and insight guaranteed to inject life back in to your social media channels.

Grab your favourite stationary, a strong tea / gin, and let’s turn social media planning from a chore in to a party.

Each #ContentPlannersClub session includes:

  • A run through of key dates coming up in the next 3 months, from public holidays to awareness days to pop culture events, plus loads of ideas for creating content around them
  • Advice on how to build a content strategy that integrates multiple social media channels, blogs and video
  • Tips and tricks on how to create cool content that generates high engagement
  • Advice on how to analyse your data to figure out what content works for you and what doesn’t
  • A dynamic, collaborative Q&A session for anyone stuck for ideas for their business
The next #ContentPlannersClub Live will be 8pm Thursday 18th March and as it’s the last one before my Maternity Leave break, I will be doing it FREE and LIVE on Instagram

100% of my clients agree their social media followers have increased

100% of my clients agree their social media engagement has increased